Bedwetting (enuresis)

This service is provided by school nurses who have additional training in assessment, advice and treatment of children and young people who experience nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting)

Objective of the service

The service offers an initial appointment of one hour in clinic to complete a holistic assessment. Interventions may include use of an enuresis alarm or medication. 

The service is offered in clinics across the borough of Sutton. The enuresis service also offers support and advice to children and young people who have continence issues such as constipation, soiling and daytime wetting.

Inclusion criteria

Children and young people who attend state maintained schools and academies in the London borough of Sutton or have a Sutton GP. 

Exclusion criteria

Children under the age of 5

Age range


How to refer

  • Self referral
  • Referral from school staff, GP, Social Care, other professionals


Same as school nursing contacts

Is patient self-referral available?


Is transport provided?


Are home visits available?