Health and wellbeing

Information and resources to help you to manage your condition, plus develop coping strategies and wellness plans which could reduce the impact of your illness upon your life and your family.

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust recognises the importance of empowering people with long-term health conditions to manage as much of their condition as is appropriate. This can reduce the need for visits to the doctor, outpatient appointments and stays in hospital, which may be inconvenient and difficult to manage alongside job and family commitments.

You may wish to manage your condition your way and at your own pace, knowing what works best for you and with as little time spent in a clinic, surgery or hospital as possible.

If you would like more information, ask your clinic or community nurse about the wellness and self-care support available for people with diabetes or COPD. You will be guided through choosing the right form of support that works best for you, creating a tailored package which could include online reading, information factsheets, classroom-based or online courses, and links to local support networks.

You will then receive a wellness and self-care prescription and we will contact you to review how things are going.

This section contains information about broader self care and is not condition-specific. The information contained here can be useful in helping you to think about and manage your condition.

General self care resources

  • General information on self-care and how it could be helpful for you: What is self care?
  • Ten simple interactive tools to help you towards a healthier lifestyle: Live well tools 
  • Information and resources to help you improve your wellbeing: 

Diabetes and Self Care

Diabetes-related courses

Resources for diabetes

Diabetes networks

Diabetes: Further information

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Self Care

COPD Resources

 A respiratory nurse specialist and patients explain pulmonary rehabilitation and how exercise can improve the symptoms of COPD: NHS Choices film

 The British Lung Foundation provide key facts on COPD: COPD key facts

 This may be helpful if you have recently been diagnosed with COPD: British Lung Foundation

 An online guide to help you to find out whether you're receiving the care you're entitled to, and what to do if not: COPD Passport BLF

 Exercise programme: BLF Stay Active, Stay Well

Why self-management is important – information for staff: COPD Exchange 

COPD Networks

Local COPD Support Group
Breathe Easy: Merton and Sutton
Third Thursday of the month, 2pm–4pm 
St. Bedes Conference Centre
St. Anthony's Hospital
London Road
North Cheam
BLF Direct Helpline: 03000 030 555

COPD: Further information