About us

Community health services in Sutton are provided by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. We support patients in the community, closer to home, improving patient pathways and delivering a first-class service

The Royal Marsden Community Health Services

The Royal Marsden Community Health Services provides high-quality care that meets the needs of adults, children and families in Sutton. We are committed to providing excellence at all times. 

Alongside this, we deliver Sutton Community Health Services, including adult community nursing and specialist therapies, long-term conditions, end-of-life care, services for people aged 65 and over, adult musculoskeletal and neurotherapy services as well as children’s therapies.

We also deliver Sutton Children’s Health Services, inclusive of health visiting, school nursing, weight management, immunisations, safeguarding and children’s respite services.


Why The Royal Marsden?

The Royal Marsden is a high-performing Foundation Trust with a record of clinical excellence and patient care. We have provided community health services in Sutton since 2011.

Our experience of working in the community (especially in the Sutton area), treating and providing care for patients means we have good local knowledge and reputation and maintain excellent working relationships with key local stakeholders. We are able to support patients in the community (closer to home), improving patient pathways and delivering a first-class service.